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Healthcare in rural Newfoundland and Labrador relies on a resilient group of physicians who live and work in these rural communities. This documentary sheds light on the struggles and successes, the charms and challenges of life as a rural doctor. The film features in-person, on-camera interviews with doctors from across Newfoundland and Labrador. The physicians interviewed range in age, speciality, gender, and background to provide a diverse - yet surprisingly harmonious - description of their life and practice. 

Our documentary hopes to create awareness about the struggles of these rural physicians, while also celebrating their resiliency and commitment to their communities. We hope to stimulate conversation about how we can recruit and retain doctors to these areas, while also improving patient care for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Daniel and Lindsay met in 2017, when they joined Memorial University's Faculty of Medicine Class of 2021. In an effort to offset the cost of their tuition, they formed a videography company 'RW Media' and began filming local commercials and wedding videos. In 2019, they saw the opportunity to combine their expertise in film with their medical education. They applied for, and received, a small operating grant from Memorial University to undertake this documentary project.



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Daniel is a 4th year medical student at Memorial University. Originally from Conception Bay South, Daniel always dreamed of working as a doctor in rural Newfoundland. He is passionate about the rural healthcare, and intends to practice in Newfoundland after completing his residency. 

Daniel began making movies with his brothers at a young age, using stop-go animation techniques to tell stories using his action figures. His affinity for story-telling led him to produce a number of small projects independently before joining forces with Lindsay in 2017.


Daniel holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Archaeology and a Diploma in Applied Ethics from Memorial University.  He would like to thank his fiancee, Becky, and his parents for their unconditional love and support in his endeavours.





Lindsay is a 4th year medical student at Memorial University. He grew up in remote Yukon Territory before attending university in Victoria, BC. It was while studying kinesiology that Lindsay developed his passion for healthcare and medical education.

He is a self-taught filmmaker and produced many independent short films, educational videos and travel films before teaming up with Daniel in 2017.


In keeping with his rural experiences, Lindsay is also an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys exploring nature with his friends and family. He plans to work as a rural family doctor after residency and to continue using visual story-telling to improve the lives of Canada's rural population.



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